April 13, 2011

National Poetry Month

We're knee-deep in National Poetry Month, and I've been chugging away at the NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) Poem-A-Day challenge. I've decided against using the website's prompts because I found that the end product wasn't anything I was excited about working on.

The poems, by and large, have been quite rough, but I've mostly been able to get to a point where I think there might be something there in each of them, something worth chiseling out at a later date. Maybe May will be National Poetry Revision Month.

As per Bri Cavallaro and Rebecca Hazelton, I'm making a list of the poem titles from this challenge. The dash indicates those lucky days when I was able to get two. This is so that you, dear reader, can use this as guilt ammunition.

  1. Thaw
  2. Old Men Truly Older Now
  3. A Duck's Head Is Hard to Explain
  4. Husband 
  5. Black Horse
  6. Radio
  7. What I Couldn't Say: Nor'easter
  8. The Weary Body Breathes as One / Speak Low, the Spirit is With Us
  9. We the Corporeal Dozen
  10. Whitetail Country 
  11. You Too Have Been This Divided
  12. Carrion in the Fly Dawn
  13. Two Hundred Degrees / Go North, Old Man, and Die

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